domenica 2 dicembre 2012

Top Parenting Bloggers Share Risks Of Child Abduction During The Christmas Season

I and my fellow board members of the I CARE Foundation have been sharing for several weeks now that the Christmas Holiday Season is one of the most active times of year when children are internationally abducted by one parent from another.

Jennifer Husson Cluff, who was recently voted as one of Canada's Top 5 Parenting Writers/Bloggers recently wrote an incredible article about Christmas and child abduction that I think every parent should read.

Seriously friends, IPCA is only 3 degrees of separation from hitting your or someone you may know.  Sadly, if a child is taken or illegally detained abroad, there is about a 10% chance they will ever come home. 

On top of the actual kidnapping, the mental abuse placed on this child is so severe.

Don't let abduction happen to you.  Educate yourself!

Read the Mom-ology article.  It is that concise and informative.

Happy Holidays - Seriously .... let this be a happy holiday.  Don't find yourself Chasing The Cyclone of abduction.