mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

New International Travel Child Consent Form Created To Protect Parents In Child Custody Litigation During Summer Vacations

I CARE Foundation (International Child Abduction Research & Enlightenment)
Peter Senese and the I CARE Foundation are pleased to share the release of the ‘International Travel Child Consent Form’.

The document was created to help prevent international parental child abduction's connected to the failure of a parent to return a child traveling abroad.

High Conflict international divorce and separtion cases put a child at grave risk of international parental child abduction. When divorce or separation occurs between two individuals who were born in different countries, and one of those individuals has a deep tie to their country of birth, with the possbile desire to return their permanantly, the other parent must be aware of possible abduciton.

As school ends for the summer vacation, the vast majority of international parental child abduction threats and kidnappings take place. Often, these abductions occur when one parent is able to legally remove a child from their country of origin, and travel abroad - as an example, under the idea of a family vacation to visit relatives.  However, and unknown to the child’s other parent, who may or may not be traveling with the scheming parent, there is a deceitful and fraudulent plan to never return back home.

Today the I CARE Foundation released the “International Child Travel Consent Form” that was created to stop international parental child abduction when a parent traveling abroad with their child may consider not returning the child to their country of jurisdiction.

Peter Senese, the Founding Director of the I CARE Foundation stated, “The key to protecting children at risk of abduction is to prevent their kidnapping. Today the I CARE Foundation is pleased to release our ’The International Child Travel Consent Form’ based upon substantial ‘Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction’ case law.

“The travel document is designed to remove an abductor’s defense under acts of wrongful detention and focuses on key issues related to the Hague Convention’s Articles 12, Article 13, and Article 20.

“The dedicated work of the I CARE Foundation’s legal advisory board, which includes members of the United States Department of State’s Hague Convention Attorney Network, to create this formidable legal abduction prevention tool bespeaks of the ongoing dedication to stop the criminal and highly abusive act of kidnapping.

“The travel document does not simply act as a parent consent form allowing a child to travel abroad but reinforces a child’s return to their country of origin based upon affirmation requirements that remove the majority of an abductor’s legal defenses to remain abroad in connection with Hague law."
The I CARE Foundation’s ‘International Child Travel Consent Form’ addresses many of the possible legal defenses an abductor may use in court under Article 12, Article 13, or Article 20 of the Hague Convention.

For more information about the ‘International Child Travel Consent Form’ and international parental child abduction please visit The I CARE Foundation official website.

For attorneys interested in obtaining a full legal brief and framework of the travel consent form, please contact
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