martedì 11 dicembre 2012

Another Parent Falls Victim To International Parental Child Abduction This Christmas

A young mother living in the New Jersey  is going to have very special Christmas - one that she would never want.

You see, she was just a target of international parental child abduction.

A few minutes ago, I had just gotten off the telephone with this mother, who has been the primary care giver of her 3 year old. A few weeks ago, she had agreed to let her husband travel a few days prior to her own expected departure to South America, where they were expected to visit with her husband's family. He left yesterday. She was expected to travel next Monday. 

Well, after checking all of her bank accounts and finding out that all their money was withdrawn, after checking their credit cards and finding out all the contact information was changed and that the cards have been maxed out, and after checking for a few valuable items in their home, and realizing they are gone - she realized that her son was abducted - and was confirmed by a nasty email she got before reaching out to one of the I CARE Foundation's lawyers. What can you say ... what can you do to comfort someone who was blind by trust?

Parents need to be mindful that Christmas is abduction season and scenarios like what I just shared happen often.

And in case you're wondering - the I CARE Foundation will try to help her.

Please read about parents can protect their children during Christmas from abduction.

Peter Thomas Senese