sabato 1 dicembre 2012

Fighting Kidnappers and Believing In Miracles

I believe in miracles.

These are not words of wishful thinking.

Far from it.

You see, standing up to would-be child kidnappers intent on internationally parentally child abduct an innocent, defenseless child is not easy.   But that is exactly what I, along with my associates of the I CARE Foundation have successfully done over and over again.  Embracing our social responsibility, we have protected many children.

Due to the ease of abduction, the fact that we have been successful on many occassions to either bring home or prevent a child from being stolen - it is nothing short of a miracle.

In fact, it has been many miracles!

On a personal level, my involvement in fighting against child abduction originated when I found myself Chasing The Cyclone of abduction.  After the storms, I wrote a book that was deeply inspired by my experiences.  Did I mention 'deeply inspired'?  From the publication of Chasing The Cyclone, many miracles have occurred, including the formation of the I CARE Foundation, speaking appearances at numerous government legislative bodies, including speaking on this subject at the United Nations.

And with each of these wonderful children being helped, there is nothing that I can think of that is more rewarding than knowing a child has been protected.

So, we will continue to stand up to kidnappers, and I will continue to financially support the activity of the I CARE Foundation.  The threats that are made from time to time, the personal attacks on character - all the bull-crap that goes with standing up to those who would abuse children - will never have an impact on our spirit, determination, or capability. Ever.

Earlier today I received another beautiful letter from a parent who was a great risk of having their child internationally abducted.

As this particular mother who I am very fond of said, "If it were not for the assistance of several of the I CARE Foundation's team, my child would have been taken and my life ruined forever."

Well, her child was not taken, her life was not ruined, and she can continue with her concentrated studies of becoming a neurologist.  And that is pretty cool because as opposed to this amazing mother chasing the cyclone of abduction into a non-Hague country for her child, she is working on getting that beautiful 'M.D.' so she can one day soon create more than a few miracles herself.

C - I am very happy for you my friend.  And yes, I will take you up on the two slices of pizza and a rootbeer soda!

In case you're wondering why I believe in Miracles - This is why!

One last thing - I think we all have it in us, regardless of where we come from, to be responsible to one another and the world we live in.

Best to all -

Peter Thomas Senese