giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Peter Senese Prevents Abduction To Croatia

Stopping A Little Girl's Abduction To Croatia: How Abductors Will Create Sophisticated Schemes To Abduct Children.  

I recently was forwarded an article written by an uncle of a young child who the I CARE Foundation and I were able to help prevent her international abduction.

I have to admit, juggling my full time career, making quality time for my family (and me), and volunteering the amount of time I do to help other parents and children targeted for abduction could be exhausting at times. 
Particularly the advocacy work.

Despite the mission of the I CARE Foundation to conduct research that will guide new laws and policy, IPCA is very personal. And so at times we do get involved.

How could we . . . how could I not? I know my responsibility. 

The uncle, Ray, was very kind to say that "Peter Thomas Senese is a heroic child advocate." 

I am not sure abot that . . . I am simply a father who is familiar with the path of child abduction, learned the roads traveled upon by abductors, and now use my knowledge to try and help protect children and their parents who are targeted for abduction. 

And every once in a while we get lucky and we either stop an abduction or reunite a parent. We've been fairly successful at this, but clearly not as good as we would like to be. Often our work and effort, most of which is never spoken about (as most of you who we are assisting know the protocol we establish). 

I am very happy knowing a little girl was not abducted to Croatia. A very special thank you to Joel S. Walter for his big assist on protecting this little girl.

There are times when reading articles or letters such as this recharge your battery and keep you going forward. After all, chasing the cyclones of abduction are not easy.

The I CARE Foundation will be moving on a series of legislative initiatives in the near future that if successful will help stop abduction.

However, the singular most important thing to child abdution prevention is education. Parents need to know the warning signs of abdution as shared in Chasing The Cyclone.