giovedì 25 ottobre 2012

Women Parenting Bloggers Help The I CARE Foundation Raise Awareness Of The I CARE Foundation

Some Call Them Parenting Bloggers, While Others Call Them Mommy Bloggers, While Others, Myself Included Simply Call Them Amazing Women Writers Who Are Changing The World.

An Incredible Group Of Women Who Are Mothers Have Come Together To Help Raise Awareness Of International Parental Child Abducton

Over the past 6 months I have been working with an incredible group of women writers who have assisted the I CARE Foundation raise awareness about international parental child abduction (IPCA).  Each of these writers happen to be mothers, writers, thinkers, partners, and incredibly thoughtful individuals who push society's conscience toward an enlightened and globally connected place. In the process, they are revolutionizing the way information and ideas are disseminated in a similar magnitude that Mary Welsh Hemingway and Jacqueline Saix did. And that is pretty remarkable.

And unquestionably, the world is a much better place because of these highly talented, insightful writers who happen to also be mothers or mothers-to-be. 

Through my and the I CARE Foundation's process of building a grass-roots awareness initiative concerning IPCA, I know I have become a better person:  more compassionate, understanding, a bit more patient, and definitely a whole lot more educated about a variety of things that would have never come across my plate because I have been able to connect with each of you.  

Yes, even with my hectic schedule, I do take the time to read the stories and essays posted on each of your sites!  This said ... I want you to all know that some of my male pals think I'm nuts when over a friendly poker game or a writers meeting I attend from time to time, I will share some things I have read on these sites that week - which I actually find very interesting . . . there is nothing funnier than seeing a few big tough guys squirm a bit, "Oh, why'd you have to bring that up?" or "You're getting to in touch with your feminine side - we don't need to know about that!"  So thank you for that, too!

Not only have each of you helped our community of activist fight against the horror of abduction, but you have raised the bar of what I expect from myself. 

Earlier today, as I was looking out at the U.S. Capitol Building, thinking a bit about Martha Washington, I found myself really reflecting about how blessed I am that a select group of wonderful women graciously allowed me to come into their lives and decided to stand the line and help protect children at risk of abduction by using their websites as forums to raise awareness amongst their readers.  

From these efforts the I CARE Foundation has been able to directly help protect several children.  It would be proper thinking that the material shared amongst these important sites will also help other parents and children in time . . . some who we will eventually meet and some we will never know.  But the information is there, and with as many as nearly 150,000 children expected to be internationally kidnapped abroad from the United States and Canada over the next 10 years, their effort is so important. 

For all of this, and so much more, I am so thankful that each of you took the time to answer an email and to stand, in your own way with those of us who know the darkness of having a child lost and who stand the line so others will not face the same fate. And through it all, there has been a whole bunch of laughter and giggles! 

I might not have said it directly, but if you pay attention to my work ... you would know that each of you are an inspiration to me. And my life is so much richer because of this. 

In the near future I will be publishing an extensive essay about how women writers who are also mothers - writers, parenting bloggers, mommy bloggers - whatever you prefer, but to me collectively society's conscience - have in fact changed the world for the better.

I would like to personally thank in no particular order Jennifer, Willa, Mary, Erica, Susann, Heather, Tracy, Lauren, Patsy, Lyndsay, Carlia, Natasha, Stephanie, Melissa, Janice, Leslie, Kathy, Alicia, Jade, Ariel, Leah, Amanda, Carrie, Tamara, Ashley, Jessica, Raquel, Erin, Mindy, Abigail, Elizabeth, Sharon, Janice, Tamara, Tricia, Stacy, Hana, Bobbie Anne, Janessa, Julie, Cascia, Amanda, Katie, Lauren, Sabrina, Laura, Claire, Erin, Ewa, Heather, Jade, Nishana, Janice, Elisabeth, Aprile, Elisa, and Melissa, Diane, Katrina, and Katie for all that you have done to help protect children from abduction and possible trafficking.

My words of thanks in truth cannot every be expressed in reflection of the depth of my gratitude.  I mean, how could I ever express the appreciation in my heart for your help protecting innocent children, other than to say 'Thank You'!

In the spirit of friendship to each of you, again, 'Thank You'.

Peter Thomas Senese
Founding Director
The I CARE Foundation