lunedì 24 settembre 2012

Peter Thomas Senese. Chasing Parents - Part VIII - Abduction & Western H...

                       How Parents Commit International Parental Child Abduction

  Cruise Ships, Ground Crossings, and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Policy

            Peter Thomas Senese ongoing educational documentary film series on IPCA
                                                             CHASING PARENTS

Last night I was speaking with a grandfather living in the southwest who has several grandchildren who are at great risk of being abducted to a non-Hague signatory Middle Eastern Country that is not on the best of terms with the United States.

The potential abductor is known to have previously procured false identification documentation. The family, sadly like too many other families, thought the children were safe because the court has the kids American passports (there is no determination whether passports have been issued from the country in the Middle East as of yet -which is real trouble). 

It was hard to explain to this caring grandfather that despite the passports being held, the potential abductor simply needs to go to Galvaston, board a cruise ship with his kids to Mexico (by presenting a photo copy of their birth certificates), then head straight to the airport in route to his country of origin.

 You see, as explained in the report issued by Carolyn Ann Vlk and myself,  under the WHTI, a child can cross the U.S., Canada, and Mexico's borders (and the Caribbean too), by land or sea (cruise ship) without a passport.

Modifying the WHTI Policy is one of the main objectives of the I CARE Foundation.